Triathlon Queensland's New Partner to Guide Juniors in Personal Brand Growth

Triathlon Queensland's New Partner to Guide Juniors in Personal Brand Growth

Triathlon Queensland has signed their Representative Team onto M5 SportsPath, a leading-edge online athlete education program from M5 Management.

Developed for athletes between 14 and 23, the M5 SportsPath program offers guidance in building a personal brand in the complex world of modern business in sport.

The M5 SportsPath program will be offered as an added benefit to those named in the Queensland Team, and is available by subscription to any Under 23 and JNR (16-22 years) Triathlon Queensland members.

Triathlon Queensland Executive Director Tim Harradine said the new partnership with M5 SportsPath aligns with a growth in junior participation numbers in Queensland.

“Since 2013 we have seen junior membership numbers double in Queensland and our new partnership with M5 Management aligns with a need for juniors to increase their knowledge of personal brand development,” he said.  

“M5 SportsPath offers this guidance to junior athletes, a new opportunity for junior triathletes in Queensland and we are very excited to welcome M5 Management as a new official partner.”

M5 SportsPath was developed by M5 Management CEO/Founder Philip Stoneman, after he recognised the crucial need for further education and self-awareness within the early stages of an athlete's journey. A major emphasis of the program is how successful athletes behave and conduct themselves in a 24/7 environment, particularly in the use of social media.

"Our most admired Sportspeople don't always come from the highest profile sports. These athletes are admired because they are able to demonstrate a genuine affinity and respect for the Australian audience and show the characteristics and attributes that the general public can directly relate to.

Athletes such as Ky Hurst, Gabi Simpson are great examples of this. M5 SportsPath educates and guides athletes in this direction" said Stoneman.

Subscribers to M5 SportsPath receive:
  • M5 SportsPath membership with secure login 
  • Development of personal brand profile understanding personality type, values, attributes, use of imagery in building your brand
  • Social media strategy (including guidelines)
  • Basic biography content development
  • Monthly study sheets covering variety of commercial sport topics highly relevant to pathway athletes
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