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Triathlon NSW Board

The Triathlon NSW Board Directors are elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting. 
Comprising the President plus 5 other Elected Directors, those six Directors serve a two-year term on a rolling basis (i.e. 3 positions open for election each year).
The Triathlon NSW Board also has the option to appoint up to two 'Appointed Directors'.

Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors consists of:

President (Elected Director)

Glenn Schwarzel (2008-)

Vice - President (Elected Director)

Deanna Waters (2021-)

Elected Director

Nicky Western (2021-)

Elected Director

Ja Davis (2022-)

Elected Director

Megan Goodwin (2021-)

Elected Director

Sarah Maguire (2022-)

Appointed Director

Lucy Burgmann (2022-



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