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Technical Official Development and Training

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Upcoming Face-to-Face Technical Official Courses

Triathlon NSW currently do not have any face-to-face courses scheduled. Please check this page from time to time to see what courses are planned or alternatively drop a line to our Technical Manager Dave Williams to express your interest in attending a face-to-face course (

Online Technical Official Course

You now have an option to commence your technical official training via an online course. This provides the same level of training as the face-to-face course, and it can be completed in the comfort of your own home. For more information about the online course and the registration process please click HERE.

Officiating at a triathlon is the best seat in the house!


More Info on becoming a Triathlon Australia Technical Official

To become a Triathlon Australia technical official, you must participate in one of the many officials’ accreditation courses conducted around the Country each year. Each State/Territory Triathlon Association (STTA) conducts these courses for participants, who must become members of their respective STTA. All STTA’s recognise non -competing technical officials, with reduced membership fees.

Accreditation courses are conducted (periodically) leading up to or on the weekends of sanctioned events. Participation involves attending a working seminar that runs for approximately four hours, completing an exam covering the race competition rules and completing one practical session, officiating at a sanctioned event. 

When officiating at an event sanctioned by the STTA, the participant will meet with the technical team for a pre -event briefing to discuss the technical plan and positions allocated on the field of play. The Technical Delegate (TD) will provide all information to the team before handing over authority to the Race Referee (RR). A technical uniform will be presented either prior to or on race day, to be worn only at times when on official duty.

Upon completion of this course, the graduating participant is classified as a local Technical Official and added to the National Technical Register operated by the Triathlon Australia. A Local Technical Official will be required to officiate at a minimum of three sanctioned event over the course of the next twelve months or so to maintain their accreditation.

See further information on the Triathlon Australia website.



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