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Finding the right triathlon club can be confusing, that's why we have created a club portfolio to highlight key club offerings and who they are best suited for. The guide below provides details of what each of our club portfolio categories entails. 

juniors icon blue  


This club will run sessions solely for the benefit of Athletes aged 7 – 17 years of age.  This may consist of 1 – 3 sessions per week and has a coach or coaches to assist the delivery of such sessions.  This may also consist of first touch programs like TRYstars.

beginners icon blue  


Beginners clubs will have a focus on enjoyment and doing the sport to have fun and be social.  This club will offer sessions and programs for first timers over the age of 18 who are new to the sport as well as those coming from our key disciplines of swimming, cycling and running.  An example of one of these program offerings would be ‘female specific’ programs etc.

age groupers icon blue  

Age Groupers

Clubs under this category will offer athletes coaching services that focus more on competition than just participation.  This club will offer sessions specifically dedicated to athletes between the ages of 18 and 75+.  This club will have a general approach to triathlon incorporating group training sessions, attending events together and social activities.

pathway icon blue  


This club will have a number of athletes competing as either junior elites, U/23’s or professionals in an environment that will promote performance.  To attain this badge a club should have; athletes competing in the Australian Junior Triathlon Series or athletes competing in Conti Cup or higher.  This club provides a daily training environment.

long course icon blue  

Long Course

This club offers tailored coaching and club services for long course triathletes.  This club will have coaching that provides sessions with a specific long course focus.

off road icon blue  

Off – Road

This club offers training sessions for off-road (Cross Triathlon) triathletes.  This club will have coaching aimed at off-road activities i.e. trail running, mountain biking etc. and competing in off-road triathlon events.



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