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Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, Triathlon Queensland’s partner law firm and Australia’s leading road safety law firm is delighted to support Triathlon Queensland’s clubs and members should the need arise. 

Here you can find tools and information on how to share the road, know your rights on the road and importantly what to do in an accident and post the accident. 

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Maurice Blackburn provide privileged access to legal advice for members. As a Triathlon Queensland member, you receive access to:

Free telephone advice to assess if you have a claim
Free first consultation to meet with Maurice Blackburn’s expert legal team 
No win, no fee*

*Conditions apply. 



Maurice Blackburn has helped thousands of riders with their insurance claims and legal matters, and if something has happened on your bike that has affected your life, they can help you too. 

If you have experienced an accident or if you need legal advice, access the referral app here and a Maurice Blackburn representative will be in contact.

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If you are looking for a general overview of the Queensland road rules, specific to cyclists, look no further.

Cyclists' Guide to Queensland Road Rules >  

If you are injured in an accident, and a car is involved, you may be able to make a CTP claim. 

Bike Injury & CTP claims Fact Sheet >

If you are injured in an accident, and a car was not involved, you may be able to make a Public Liability claim. 

Bike Injury & Public Liability Claims Fact Sheet >



Bicycle lanes are not compulsory. Where one is available, you are not required by law to use it.


Ignoring a ‘Stop’ sign at a level crossing or intersection - $365 fine 

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