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Triathlon Australia boasts an enviable record on the world sporting stage and behind world class athletes are world class coaches. If you are dedicated to helping athletes reach their potential, passionate about triathlon and want to make a difference in the sport you love, coaching could be the next step in your triathlon journey.


  • Gain the skills, knowledge and expertise to coach triathletes in the fundamentals of swimming, cycling, running and transition
  • Develop knowledge of the basics and the science of triathlon, e.g. planning and programming, nutrition, sports physiology and growth and development
  • Learn the art of coaching – the fundamentals of communication and relationship building which are critical to quality coaching
  • Be recognised as a Triathlon Australia Accredited Coach and will be entitled to be listed on the Triathlon Australia website and State Association website.
  • Receive an individual certificate of currency for the current membership season (Coach Professionals only)


The fundamental aim of coach accreditation is to equip coaches with the knowledge and skills they need to help triathletes improve their training and racing safely and systematically.

  1. Become a Triathlon Australia member. Join here > 
  2. Attend a Triathlon Australia Foundation Coaching accreditation course and complete all required tasks. See dates below. 
  3. Once complete, Take out your Triathlon Australia coaching membership. TA will issue you with your accreditation certification and an individual Certificate of Currency (for Coach - Professionals TA Members only)


Coaching accreditation is directly linked to your Triathlon Australia membership. Each year, when you renew your Triathlon Australia coaching membership, you will be required to demonstrate evidence that they have completed a level of CPD (Continued Professional Development) in order to retain your coaching membership.

This process will include reading, acknowledging and electronically signing the Coach's Code of Behaviour, the Triathlon Australia Member Protection Policy and a Statutory Declaration regarding your ongoing learning and continuous development. 


Each level of the National Coach TED (Training, Education and Development) pathway offers a set of skills and experiences to help coaches help athletes. The Triathlon Australia Coach Education Framework has been designed to match the needs of the sport and cater for the coaching requirements of our athletes.





Foundation Coaching Course
Pre Course Learning: 

  • 20-25 hours of independent learning and assessment tasks over 3-4 weeks via the Knowledge Hub (prior to attending the face-to-face sessions).

Course requirements:

  • Coaches must be at least 16 years of age at the commencement of the learning program. Coaches under 18 must have constant direct supervision.
  • Be a current Triathlon Australia member. This is to provide you with the appropriate insurance to cover you whilst completing the program.
  • Have access to an internet connected device for the Knowledge Hub online resources. 
  • Coaches will be registered for the qualification for a period of 12 months from the start of the course. However, most learners complete in-line with the course duration. 

Development Coaching Course
Please note this course is 4-days across 2 seperate weekends. You must attend all four days. 

Specific course requirements:

•            Be at least 18 years of age.
•            Hold a current Triathlon Australia Foundation Coach accreditation for at least 6 months.
•            Coaches will be registered for the qualification for a period of 12 months from the start of the program. However, most coaches complete in-line with the program duration.
•            Hold a current Triathlon Australia coach membership. This is to provide you with appropriate insurance to cover you whilst completing the program.
•            Coaches must attend all days of the Coach Training Program Workshops; this is an essential requirement. Due to the way the workshops are organised, it is not possible to swap days around on different Coach Training Programs. Missed days may result in additional fees to complete the accreditation.
•            Have access to an internet connected device for the Knowledge Hub online resource. The Knowledge Hub online component of the program consists of 40-60 hours of self directed, independent study.

Performance Coach Course
Triathlon Australia runs an annual Performance Coaching Course. The course involves an intensive week of face-to-face practical and theoretical learning. Triathlon Australia opens up applications for this course in November/December each year.

For further information, please contact

High Performance Coach Course
Contact Triathlon Australia Centre of Excellence on (07) 5576 8099

For more information about becoming a coach, contact us on


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