Standard Regional Champions Shine In Townsville

Standard Regional Champions Shine In Townsville

The Townsville Multisport Festival has now ended as we saw it play host to event number two of the 2023/24 State Series. With perfect weather across the weekend, we also saw favorable swimming conditions for quick times in the water.   

Athletes were all competing to gain valuable points for their respective State Series age groups along with the title of Regional Standard 

We saw some great racing across the weekend, with Andrew Nash claiming age group champion (Male 30-34yrs) with an impressive sub 2-hour time in standard triathlon and Katherine Smith claiming her age group title (Female 25-29yrs). State Series regulars Phillip Hermitage (Male 65-70) and Marion Hermitage (Female 60-64) managed to take out their respective age group wins. Having secured the overall age group titles in their respective age group in the 22/23 State Series, both were excited to have secured more points towards their quest for this year's State Series titles. 

In the younger age group categories, it was a Taylor trifecta who stormed to victory with Rachael Taylor (Female 7-9) along with Daniel Taylor (Male 10-11) and Sarah Taylor (Female 10-11) all crossing the line to take the win in their age groups. 

Congratulations to all of our Age Group Champions we look forward to seeing you at the next event on the State Series Calendar: QLD Aquathlon at Lake Kawana. 


Champions - Standard Regional 

Name Age  Name 
Carter Price 7-9 Rachel Taylor
Daniel Taylor 10-11 Sarah Taylor
Brock Childs 12-13 Emma Lester
John Thomas 14-15 Chloe White

16-17 Mia Wooldridge

18-19  Jade Cochrane
Jarren Walker 20-24  Tamika Baynes
Jacob Layne 25-29 Katherine Smith
Andrew Nash 30-34 Shiori Kanno
James Ogilvie 35-39 Nadine Hunt
Jason Hamlyn 40-44 Fiona Lenz
 Noel Garciano 45-49 Anita Skews
Brendan Cochrane 50-54  Tara Woodcock
 Christian Seymor 55-59 Gabriella Baker
 Mark Geddes 60-64 Marion Hermitage 
 Phillip Hermitage 65-70
John Hook 70-74



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