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Australia’s great day out – IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships

Australia’s great day out – IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships

Australia’s team of 838 athletes was the largest team ever team represented at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and they proudly raced with team pride and some extraordinary results.

It topped off a great day for Australia, Tim Reed winning an epic battle with German Sebastian Kienle to win his first world championship title and Melissa Hauschildt running herself into second after overcoming a 3min 45sec deficit following the swim. 

Sam and Allison Appleton

Photo: Delly Carr 

Age Group results for the men 18-24 title to Jason Hall (NZL) in 4:06.20 from Australians Kieran Storch and Linsey Lawry.

Australia has continued their outstanding efforts on home soil with Raeleigh Harris winning the 45-49 years title in 4:58.15 from compatriot Rebecca East and American Diana Hassel. Added to this is another one-two in the 65-69 years age group for Australia won by Andrena Moore in 6:01:02 from Hazel Edmond.

Imogen Simmonds (GBR) has won the women's 18-24 years honours in 4:39:48 from Anthea Stacey (AUS) and Hannah Pac (MLT). Meanwhile the 25-29 years title went to Emily Loughnan in 4:40.46 from Delisle Laurence (USA) and Ruth Pubrook (GBR).

And talking about family efforts - Jaimielle Jacobs, who is the wife of 2012 IRONMAN World Champion Pete Jacobs, has completed her first World Championships. She was 38th in the women's 30-34 years age group in 5:08:34 - and for a change, her husband was on the sidelines supporting her than he other way around as it will be in Kona next month.

It was a fantastic double for the Appleton family today. Sam enjoyed his first IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship with a fifth placing in the elite ranks. And his mother Allison, from the stunning Blue Mountains and member of the famed Penrith Club, was ninth in the 55-59 years age group in 5:30.16.

The women's 50-54 winner is Tanja Buhlmann (Canada) in 4:53:40 ahead of Australians Caroline Anderson and Sally Taggart.

In the women's ranks Jacqueline Henricks (Australia) has won the 30-34 years title in 4:34:25 from Fiona Carlon (USA) and Deirdre Casey (Ireland). In the women's 40-44 Janine Willis (Canada) prevailed in 4:48.34 in an excellent battle with Jacinta Worland (Australia).

Australia's Kevin Fergusson has taken out the 55-59 years division in 4:36.33 from Greg Ball (NZL) and Kyle Welch (USA). Kevin is well known for his exploits in 2014 when he won 5 IRONMAN races including Kona in his attempt to raise money for Charity. 

In the women's ranks the 55-59 years title was an Australian trifecta won by June Ward in 5:09:52 from well known coach Jenny Alcorn and Janet Ferguson.

The 50-54 years honours went to Australia's Graham Bruce in 4:27.55 from Eric Ridez (FRA) and Mark Matthews (AUS).

Further age group winners now home - in the men 40-44 years Italy's Mauro Marcocci has won in 4:10.42 from Australians Steve Eccleston and Ben Bell. 

Men 35-39 years title went to Owain Matthews from Australia in 4:13.53 from Eduardo Dellamaggiora (Chile) and Scott Hobson (Australia).

The men 30-34 went to Ryan Giuliano (USA) in 4:04.41 from John Samora (Costa Rica) and Chris Rancie (AUS).

The men 25-29 title has gone to Australian Craig Davis in 3:59.33 ahead of Humblet Francois (DEU) and Michael Birchmore (GBR).

Brian Kennelly (Australia) has won the men's 65-69 years title in 5:07:10 after a superb battle with New Zealand's Paul Berry (5:08:05) with fellow Aussie Graham Crocker third.

To round out the age group titles Canada's Harry Barnes has taken out the men's 70-74 years world title in 5:53.35 from Robert Hekking (Australia) 6:00:54 and Olaf Ellefsen (Denmark) 6:06:32.

It gave Australia a final combined medal tally for Elite, Age Group and Paratriathlon World Championships of 11 gold, 9 silver and 8 bronze.

The Ironman 70.3 World Championships kicks off a massive month of world championship racing

GOLD (11)

Tim Reed (Elite)

Raeleigh Harris (45-49)

Andrena Moore (65-69)

Emily Loughnan (25-29)

Jacqueline Henricks (30-34)

Kevin Fergusson (55-59)

June Ward (55-59)

Graham Bruce (50-54)

Owain Matthews (35-39)

Craig Davis (25-29)

Brian Kennelly (65-69)

Kieran Storch (18-24)

Rebecca East (45-49)

Hazel Edmond (65-69)

Anthea Stacey (18-24)

Caroline Anderson (50-54)

Jacinta Worland (40-44)

Jenny Alcorn (55-59)

Steve Eccleston (40-44)

Robert Hekking (70-74)

Linsey Lawry (18-24)

Sally Taggart (50-54)

Janet Ferguson (55-59)

Ben Bell (40-44)

Mark Matthews (50-54)

Scott Hobson (35-39)

Chris Rancie (30-34)

Graham Crocker (65-69)