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 Triathlon NT KEY Development AREAS


Triathlon NT has key development area's utilising the best available coaches and resources including specialist swim / athletics and cycling coaches and specialists from the Northern Territory Institute of Sport (NTIS). The key development areas forms the foundation of our Junior Development and Coach Development Programs. 

The junior participation sessions are designed to feed into this curriculum in a fun, inclusive, age appropriate format.  

Technical Skills

  • General athletic proficiency.
  • Run technique and agility.
  • Swim technique - pool and open water.
  • Cycle ABC skills.

Specialist skills

  • Speed development skill in swimming, running and cycling.
  • Swim: M 1:08/100m, F 1:16/100m.
  • Run: M 17.7s/100m, F 20.0s/100m.
  • Cycling: Cadence E>150 Max>200.

Tactical skills

  • Proficiency in bunch swimming, cycling and running.

 Sports Psychology

  • Team work and team cohesion.
  • Performance profile.
  • Goal setting.
  • Training diaries.
  • Routines and concentration.
  • Mental toughness.


  • Education and career management.


  • Hydration.
  • Basic nutrition requirements for general health.
  • Energy expenditure vs energy intake.
  • Training and racing nutrition planning.

Sports medicine

  • Injury prevention and management.
  • Recovery techniques.

Strength and conditioning

  • Physical competency development.

Sports science

  • LAM
  • Skills testing and analysis.