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Performance Coach

2024 performance course


Updated for 2024, with new online learner resources combined with innovative delivery and assessment methods to give coaches an engaging learning and development experience.

The Performance Coach Training Program is tailored to experienced Development coaches who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the principles of coaching performance-focused triathletes. 

This innovative and immersive world best coach development program provides coaches with the skills needed to become an effective, athlete focused, performance coach. The Performance Coach Training Program sets a world best standard for performance focused triathlon coaching.


The Performance Coach Training Program builds on the competencies of the Development Coach Training Program and includes:

Understanding and analysing athletes in a performance focused daily training environment.
Working with a range of performance focused athletes.
Planning, delivering and evaluation of performance focused triathlon coaching programs.
Strategies for creating and maintaining a safe performance focused coaching environment.
Evolving performance focused coaching and technical skills.

Coaches will utilise the Knowledge Hub online learning portal, which will enhance coaches understanding of the principles of effective coaching, develops knowledge of the sub disciplines of sports science and the builds technical skills required to support performance focused triathletes across swim, cycle, run and transitions.

Program Overview

The Performance Coach Training Program is built around a blended delivery strategy utilising the Flipped Classroom approach in a balance of online learning, face to face learning sessions and practical coaching. 

Coaches will complete a range of learning and assessment activities over a 12 month coach development journey including:

Performance Coach Development Portfolio consisting of 60-80 hours of independent study, learning and assessment tasks via the Triathlon Australia Knowledge Hub.

Performance Coach Development Camp consisting of 9 days live in camp at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. This camp will focus on practical coaching competency and will include assessment, personal review and action planning with mentor coaches.

Performance Coach Development Activities, consisting of a range of individual practical coach and professional development activities within their local and state triathlon community.

The Performance Coach accreditation will allow coaches to plan, deliver and evaluate performance focused triathlon coaching programs for competitive triathletes. They can work in a wider range of performance focused triathlon coaching environments.

Nominations are made via the Triathlon Australia Knowledge Hub, and positions in the Triathlon Australia Performance Coach Training Program are limited with successful coaches determined through a rigorous nomination and selection process.