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Technical Official Resources

Triathlon Australia - Smart Officiating Guidelines COVID19

Triathlon Australia Smart Officiating Guidelines

Other resources

Click here to register to officiate at Events of National Significance (EONS). 


 World Triathlon have recently approved non-traditional bikes that are legal for non-drafting events. You can find the approved list here

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Please click on the document name to view the document or link below. 

Document Name Date Updated  
Triathlon Australia Event Operations Manual Jul  2017  
Technical Officials Code of Conduct  Aug 2018  
TA Race Competition Rules
Jul  2020  
TA Drafting Rules Video Oct  2016  
WT Race Competition Rules Jan  2022  
TWD Triathletes with Disabilities - Guide for Technical Officials    Aug 2018  
Technical Team Roles & Responsibilities Aug 2016
Technical Delegate Checklist
Oct 2018  
Technical Delegate Checklist - COVID19 Control Measures Nov 2020  
Technical Officials Assignments & Run Sheet EXAMPLE Aug 2016  
Technical Officials Assignments & Run Sheet Template - Excel Aug 2016  
 Technical Official Communication Template EXAMPLE
Oct 2018   
RACE DAY - In order of use    
Race Referee Competitor Briefing  Jun 2020   
Water Temperature & Special Rules Notice Board Aug 2016  
TO Toolbox Talk Jun 2020  
Penalty Box Procedure Sep 2016
Penalty Box Register  Aug 2016  
Violation Report  Aug 2016  
Penalties Notice Board  Aug 2016  
Protest Form  April 2020  
Appeal Form Aug 2016  
Issuing drafting penalties video  Jun 2022  
Air Quality Policy Jul 2020  
Cycle Helmet Safety Feb 2017   
Fatigue Policy Jun 2020  
Hot Weather and Sun Protection Guidelines Jul 2020  
Lightning Safety Policy Aug 2016  
Motorcycle Pillion Passenger Guidelines Aug 2016  
Selection of Senior Technical Team for Events of National Significance
Jul 2021  
Social Media Guidelines  Aug 2016  


Development and Training Policy for Technical Officials
Oct 2018   
A Technical Official Activity Log must be submitted by every active technical official at the end of each season.  The activity log is the record required to maintain your accreditation with Triathlon Australia.  
Technical Official Activity Log Aug 2016  

Awards Reference Document Aug 2016  
Rob George Award Nomination Form Aug 2016  
 Healthy Eating when Volunteering April 2018   
 Recipes April 2018