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Australian Duathlon Champions Crowned in Canberra

Australian Duathlon Champions Crowned in Canberra

The Australian Standard Duathlon Championships took place in Canberra on Saturday, with enthusiastic athletes gearing up for the final leg of the 2022/2023 Australian Championships season.

The event held significant importance as it served as a world qualifying event for athletes aspiring to represent Team Australia in the upcoming 2024 Multisport World Championships to be held in Townsville. Participants had the chance to earn an Australian title, double selection points, and automatic qualification for eligible Age Groupers who secured a top-five position in their age group category.

 Arron Nitschke (20-24) was first to cross the line in the men’s category followed by Stephen MacMillan (40-44) and Sam Marshall (30-34) who all secured Australian Championship medals in their respective age groups.

 In the women’s race, the 30-34 age group dominated with Carlee Taylor, Monique De Abrea and Rebecca Jenner the first three to cross the line.

Congratulations to all the participants, champions, and podium getters!

Age Group (F / M)
15-19 Riley BILLINGHAM | Ash WATTS
20-24 Arron NITSCHKE | Hannah MAREE
25-29 Andrew WALTON | Keira GERMECH
30-34 Sam MARSHALL | Carlee TAYLOR
35-39 Luke JONES | Bec STEDMAN
40-44 Stephen MACMILLAN | Sarah WATSON
45-49 Cameron ARNOLD | Amelia SHEPHERD-SMITH
50-54 John HUGHES | Katherine RYAN
55-59 Warwick SINCLAIR | Joyce BUFFA
60-64 Geoff HAWKE | Karyn FITTS
65-69 Steve WARE | Julie PALAZZI
70-74 Philip HANLEY

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