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Three Aussies nominated for Paralympics at Penrith

Three Aussies nominated for Paralympics at Penrith

It was a great day for the Australian's at the 2016 Penrith ITU World Paratriathlon winning six gold medals, two silver, one bronze and topping the medal tally.

For five-time ITU World Champion Bill Chaffey (PT1); 2015 ITU World Championship bronze medallist Kate Doughty (PT4) and 2015 ITU World Championship sixth placegetter Brant Garvey (PT2) they all ticked the final box in completing the selection criteria for first round nomination for Rio. Chaffey and Doughty won their categories and Garvey finished second.

Bill Chaffey Penrith

The Australian’s stormed the podium today with other gold medallists Justin Godfrey (PT3), Jonathan Goerlach (PT5), Emily Tapp (PT1) and Kerryn Harvey (PT3).

Doughty, a former international Para-equestrian star faced one of the toughest fields, but on a day when she needed to just get on the podium, she dominated. After 24 years of trying in other sports to get to the Paralympics she will be nominated for Rio.

Despite her race not being without incident it was an even more pleasing result.

“The swim was rough, we had the biggest wave of 24 and I got pulled under the first 100m. It was a bit of an adjustment trying to find my rhythm and spot.

 Once back on terra firma the troubles continued.

“I couldn’t get my good arm out of my wetsuit, I dropped my goggle’s and swim cap so couldn’t pick them because my good arm was stuck in my wetsuit. All the little minor things happened, so it was a good practice run," she said.

She was behind out of the swim but in the early stages of the bike she took control.

“Claire (GBR) and I were on the bike and she’s a solid racer, I got in front of her and there was a bit of a headwind but the bike felt awesome, I’m just loving the bike.

“The run today was about sitting in the hurt box and being comfortable staying there, and I think I executed that today,” said Doughty.

She continued to move away from the Brit and crossed the line pointing to the sky in memory of her mum who passed away in 2010.

Kate Doughty Penrith bike

Claire Mclean put in a solid race today to also finish on the podium for a bronze.

In the PT1 class it was and Australian double with Emily Tapp and Sara Tait grabbing gold and silver.

It was another golden day for Kerryn Harvey and Justin Godfrey, although their classification wont be included in Rio, the Australian World Championships medallists, will also be racing as part of their preparation for the ITU World Championships in July.

Kerryn Harvey Penrith

Chaffey was the standout in his class dominating today with some tough wind conditions to deal with and equipment issues.

“I was pretty confident I would come away with it, it was tough with the wind but I was pretty happy,” said Chaffey.

“I knock the speedo off my bike so had to stop and pick it up, they’re expensive!

“I had to podium here to get nomination for selection. I was particularly happy with that especially with Joe Townsend (GBR) coming over, he’s really strong so really happy,” he said.

2015 ITU World Championship sixth placegetter Brant Garvey (PT2) did what he had to finishing on the podium for silver.

Brant Garvey Penrith 1 

Jonathan Goerlach was another winner today; despite his PT5 category not a Paralympic category he will turn his attention to the World Championships.

Australia Paralympic coach Corey Bacon was delighted with the team and results.

There have been a few performances here today that have

Awesome day the team they performed exceptional, I couldn’t be happier.

“A few have cemented their spots for Rio. Obviously they will be nominated and put forward to the APC.

There’s still going to be a few that have made us look at them a little bit more, but otherwise it’s a good day for Aussie Paratriathlon.

Australian Results



1               Emily Tapp           1:15:32

2.            Sarah Tait             1:40:38


1. Kerryn Harvey   1:23:57


1.              Kate Doughty     1:12:09

3.              Claire McLean   1:15:46



1.              Bill Chaffey  58:52

4.              Nic Beveridge    1:08:30

8.              Scot Crowley      1:16:40


2.              Brant Garvey      1:14:07

5.              Glen Jarvis           1:19:27


1.              Justin Godfrey   1:10:40


5.              Jack Swift              1:04:42

6.              Joshua Kassulke                1:04:50

16.           Tony Scoleri        1:12:37


1.              Jonathan Goerlach          1:03:41

An athlete’s three best scores are counted for the list and the highest points were available at 2015 World Championships (winner 700 points), second highest points are available at the Continental Championships (for Australia, Devonport - winner 450 points) and then all the WPE within the qualification period are the other qualifying races (worth 300 points to the winner).

In addition to the automatic slot qualification there will be invitations from the ITU for specific athletes. Just under one third of the final field will be filled by invitation.  Invitations will be advised on July 8th.


The WPE will have races in all PT1 to PT5 ITU classes with a total of 10 ‘medal’ events. Athletes are classified according to their activity limitation and impairment. 

PT1 - Wheelchair users. Athletes must use a recumbent handcycle on the bike course and a racing wheelchair on the run segment.
PT2/ PT3 /PT4/ - Includes athletes with comparable activity limitation and an impairment of, but not limited to, limb deficiency, hypertonia, ataxia and or athetosis, impaired muscle power or range of movement assessed through classification process. In both bike and run segments, amputee athletes may use approved prosthesis or other supportive devices.
PT5 - Total or partial visual Impairment (sub-classes B1, B2, and B3). A guide from the same nationality and gender is mandatory throughout the race. Must ride a tandem during the bike segment.
Although their classification wont be included in Rio, Australian World Championships medallists Kerryn Harvey and Justin Godfrey, both PT3, will also be racing as part of their preparation for the ITU World Championships in July.