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Medals to TeamAUS in Pontevedra

Medals to TeamAUS in Pontevedra

Team Australia has produced some outstanding results so far in the ITU Multisport World Championships in the Sprint Distance Duathlon and Standard Distance Duathlon events in Pontevedra, Spain

Two Australian age group athletes have been crowned 2019 ITU Age Group Sprint Distance Duathlon World Champions: Margo Mackintosh (Female 35 to 39) and Jennifer Dowie (Female 60 to 64). All accounts from Spain noted Margo and Jennifer flying around the course. Margo also took the line honours for the female competitors.

Bronze medals were awarded to Alexandra (Ola) Evans (Female 16 to 19), Neale Pugh (Male 60 to 64), Greg Salter (Male 65 to 69) and Heiko Schaefer (Male 80 to 84).

Top 10 places were awarded to Ben Fahy (Male 40 to 44), Elizabeth Sinclair (Female 50 to 54) Michael Pratt (Male 55 to 59) and Noella Buchanan (Female 55 to 59).

In the Age Group Standard Distance Duathlon World Championship Results Christie Johnson who a silver medal in the Female 25 to 29 category.

Top 10 places were awarded to Chris Kiley (Male 65 to 69), Witold Krajewski (Male 70 to 74), Robert Mcloughlan (Male 70 to 74) and John Taylor (Male 75 to 79).

In the U23 Male Duathlon World Championships, Sam Mileham grabbed 8th place followed by fellow Aussies, Matt Smith and Kurt Fryer in 9th and 10th respectively.Alec Davison claimed 13th in the Junior Duathlon.