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Triathlon Australia appoints 11 members to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group

Triathlon Australia appoints 11 members to the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Group (EDIAG) will act as a sub committee of the Triathlon Australia Board, and has been established to support organisational change to enable triathlon to be a sport leader in equity, diversity and inclusion.  

Triathlon Australia has appointed Shelley Casey, Juliet Cooper, Justin Ghosh, Liz Gosper, Päivi Hänninen, Nat Heath, Deepali Kaur, James Parr, Fraser Rubens, Nestor Alejandro Ochoa Rivera, and Sally Teiniker to the EDIAG for an initial period of 12 months.  

The establishment of the advisory group follows the release of triathlon’s whole of sport 2021-2025 strategy with ‘A Sport for Everyone’ identified as a key priority, and a unified commitment to making triathlon and multisport easier to access, more relevant and more rewarding for more people of all backgrounds, ages, genders, sexual orientations and ability levels.

Along with the Triathlon Australia and State and Territory Triathlon Association (STTA) boards, and national leadership team, the EDIAG will play a key role in driving change to foster an inclusive environment for all participants of triathlon and multisport.

The focus of the EDIAG will be on reviewing existing activities and programs across Triathlon Australia and STTAs for future suitability, identifying and prioritising initiatives and recommending targets and strategies, in line with best practice, for triathlon to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in the sport while monitoring progress of work.  

The EDIAG will also act as diversity sponsors and advocates to raise awareness among members and stakeholders in the sport, of the importance of diversity and inclusion within triathlon and multisport.  

Triathlon Australia and EDIAG Chair, Michelle Cooper is confident in the appointments, and the groups’ ability to support the Board in ensuring a diverse, inclusive and welcoming triathlon community. 

“We want all Australians to see themselves in the sport, and the EDIAG will play an integral role in guiding triathlon and multisport towards achieving our goal of being a sport for everyone. 

“We have a really divergent group who I believe will bring insights and solutions to the organisation to help shape our strategy. The appointed members have all demonstrated enormous passion and commitment to ensuring triathlon and multisport is a leader in sport-based inclusion, diversity and access.  

“We’re excited to bring this group together with an independent focus, and look forward to what recommendations and advice comes from their collective experience and assessments. 

The EDIAG will commence right away, with their first meeting as a group in August and initial review and recommendations presented to the Board before the end of the calendar year.  

View the Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Advisory Group Terms of Reference