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Athlete Categorisation

Aligned to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Athlete Categorisation Framework, the purpose of the AusTriathlon (AT) Athlete Categorisation Guidelines 2021-2024 is to provide an outline of the process by which athlete categorisation will be assessed and conducted.  

The purpose of athlete categorisation is to identify athletes who have the potential to achieve Olympic and Paralympic Podium Success within two Olympic and Paralympic Cycles and support the achievement of the aims of the AusTriathlon high performance program. Categorisation levels reflect the timeframe around which an athlete is likely to achieve podium success based on patterns of progression of podium athletes within the sport.  

Athlete categorisation is the primary mechanism for access to AT high performance environments (and agreed external daily training environment (DTE) support for Paralympic Pathway athletes) and other daily training environment support (including high performance coaching).  

Key documents 

AusTriathlon Athlete Categorisation 2021-2024 (2023 Review)
AusTriathlon Athlete Categorisation 2021-2024 Supporting Documents (2023 Review)
2024 Athlete Categorisation Timelines (Returning Athletes) REVISED
2024 Athlete Categorisation Timelines (New Athletes) REVISED
AusTriathlon Athlete Categorisation 2021-2024 FAQs

Categorised Athletes 

Athlete Categorisation list is current as of January 2023 under the 2021 - 2024 Athlete Categorisation Guidelines.
Para       Lauren PARKER
Para       Jeremy PEACOCK
Para       Anu FRANCIS


Para       Nic BEVERIDGE 
Para       David BRYANT
Para       Jack HOWELL
Para       Justin GODFREY
Para       Sam HARDING
Oly       Matthew HAUSER
Para       Luke HARVEY (Sam Harding Guide)


Oly       Jake BIRTWHISTLE
Oly       Brandon COPELAND
Oly       Jaz HEDGELAND
Oly       Emma JACKSON
Oly       Emma JEFFCOAT
Oly       Charlotte MCSHANE
Oly       Natalie VAN COEVORDEN
Oly       Luke WILLIAN
Oly       Sophie LINN


Para       Liam TWOMEY
Oly       Lorcan REDMOND
Oly       Kira HEDGELAND
Oly       Callum MCCLUSKY
Oly       Matilda OFFORD
Oly       Oscar DART


Oly       Luke BATE
Oly       Charlotte DERBYSHIRE
Oly       Milan AGNEW
Oly       Chloe BATEUP
Oly       Tara SOSINSKI
Oly       Jessica EWART-MCTIGUE
Oly       Ellie HOITINK
Oly       Peyton CRAIG
Oly       Bradley COURSE
Oly       Jack CROME
Oly       Josh FERRIS
Oly       Brayden MERCER