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Elite Medal History

Australia has achieved incomparable international success in triathlon over the years, since its inclusion into the Olympic program at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games.

australians at the Olympic Games

The following athletes have represented Triathlon Australia in the Olympic Games since Triathlon's inclusion in the Olympics in Sydney, 2000.

  MEN   WOMEN   
  Name Place  Name  Place 
2020, Tokyo (2021)
Jake Birtwhistle 16th Emma Jeffcoat 26th
  Matthew Hauser 24th Ashleigh Gentle Lap
  Aaron Royle 26th Jaz Hedgeland Lap
  Mixed Relay 9th     
2016, Rio de Janeiro Aaron Royle 9th Emma Moffatt 6th
  Ryan Bailie 10th Erin Densham 12th
  Ryan Fisher 24th Ashleigh Gentle 26th
2012, London Courtney Atkinson  18th Erin Densham 3rd
  Brad Kahlefeldt 32nd Emma Jackson 8th
  Brendan Sexton 35th Emma Moffatt DNF
2008, Beijing Courtney Atkinson  11th Emma Snowsill  1st
  Brad Kahlefeldt  16th Emma Moffatt  3rd
      Erin Densham  23rd
2004, Athens  Greg Bennett   4th Loretta Harrop 2nd
  Simon Thompson  10th Rina Hill 33rd
  Peter Robertson  24th Maxine Seear DNF
2000, Sydney  Miles Stewart  6th Michellie Jones  2nd
  Craig Walton 27th Loretta Harrop  5th
  Peter Robertson  34th Nicole Hackett  9th



australians at the PARALYMPIC Games

The following athletes have represented Triathlon Australia in the Paralympic Games since Paratriathlon's inclusion in the Paralympics in Rio, 2016.

  MEN   WOMEN   
  Name Place  Name  Place 
2020, Tokyo (2021) Nic Beveridge (PTWC) 7th  Lauren Parker (PTWC) 2nd 
  David Bryant (PTS5) 7th  Katie Kelly (PTVI)
with guide Briarna Silk
  Jonathan Goerlach (PTVI)
with guide Dave Mainwaring
8th  Emily Tapp (PTWC) DNF
2016, Rio de Janeiro Bill Chaffey (PT1) 4th  Katie Kelly (PT5)
with guide Michellie Jones
  Nic Beveridge (PT1) 9th  Kate Doughty (PT4) 5th
  Brant Garvey (PT2) 10th  Clair McLean (PT4) 9th



australians at the  Youth Olympic Games


  MEN   WOMEN   
  Name Place  Name  Place 
2018, Buenos Aires Joshua Ferris 18th Charlotte Derbyshire 18th
2014, Nanjing Jack Van Stekelenburg 14th Brittany Dutton 1st
2010, Singapore  Michael Gosman 12th Ellie Salthouse 2nd


australians at the Commonwealth Games

The following athletes have represented Triathlon Australia in the Commonwealth Games since Triathlon's inclusion in the Games in Manchester, 2002 and Paratriathlon's inclusion in Gold Coast, 2018.

  Name Place  Name  Place 
2022, Birmingham Men's Final   Women's Final  
  Matthew Hauser 3rd Sophie Linn 5th
  Jake Birtwhistle 4th Charlotte McShane 11th
  Brandon Copeland 22nd Natalie Van Coevorden 14th
  Men's PTVI Final   Women's PTVI Final   
  Sam Harding
(with guide Luke Harvey)
2nd Erica Burleigh
(with Felicity Cradick)
  Jonathan Goerlach
(with guide David Mainwaring)
  Gerrard Gosens
(with guide Hayden Armstrong)
  Mixed Team Relay Final      
  Jake Birtwhistle 3rd  Natalie Van Coevorden 3rd
  Matthew Hauser  Sophie Linn
2018, Gold Coast Men's Final   Women's Final   

Jake Birtwhistle
 2nd Ashleigh Gentle
  Matthew Hauser
Gillian Backhouse
  Luke Willian
Charlotte McShane
  Men's PTWC Final   Women's PTWC Final  

Nic Beveridge  2nd  Emily Tapp  2nd
  Bill Chaffey  3rd  Lauren Parker  3rd
  Scott Crowley  5th  Sara Tait 6th
  Mixed Team Relay Final
  Jake Birtwhistle 1st
Ashleigh Gentle  1st 
  Matthew Hauser Gillian Backhouse
2014, Glasgow Men's Final   Women's Final  
  Ryan Bailie 5th Emma Jackson  5th
  Aaron Royle 8th Emma Moffatt  7th
  Dan Wilson  9th Ashleigh Gentle  9th
  Mixed Team Relay Final      
  Aaron Royle 3rd Emma Moffatt  3rd
  Ryan Bailie Emma Jackson
2006, Melbourne Men's Final   Women's Final  
  Brad Kahlefeldt 1st Emma Snowsill 1st
  Peter Robertson 3rd Annabel Luxford 5th
  Simon Thompson 11th Felicity Abram 14th
2002, Manchester Men's Final   Women's Final  
  Miles Stewart 2nd Nicole Hackett 3rd
  Chris McCormack 5th Michellie Jones 6th
  Peter Robertson 9th Loretta Harrop DNF



1990 Australian Commonwealth Games Demonstration Triathlon Team, Auckland, NZL


Brad Beven  2nd Liz Hepple 4th
Greg Welch 3rd Michellie Jones 5th
Troy Fidler 4th Louise Bonham 6th
Simon Skillicorn 7th Sue Turner 7th
Matt Koorey 8th Loretta Garrett 10th
Chipmunk Frazer 11th Deanna Blegg 11th
Shane Johnson 14th Bianca Van Woesik 14th
Anthony Mckeon 16th Erica Wilkinson
Stephen Foster 21st Melinda Mentha 20th
Gerard Donnelly 22nd Carol Pickard 21st
Tony Unicomb 23rd Maureen Cummings 22nd
Mick Maroney   Fiona Wood 28th



AUSTRALIANs AT  WT/ITU Triathlon (Olympic Distance) World Championships

  MEN   WOMEN   
  Name Place  Name  Place 
1990 Greg Welch  1st Natalya Orchard (Jnr)  2nd
  Brad Bevan  2nd    
  Steven Foster 3rd    
1991 Miles Stewart  1st Michellie Jones  3rd
  Ben Bright (Jnr)   3rd Alex Laws (Jnr)  2nd
    Helena Edmonston (Jnr) 3rd 
1992     Michellie Jones  1st
1993     Michellie Jones  1st
1994 Brad Bevan   2nd Emma Carney  1st
  Ben Bright (Jnr)  1st Clare Carney (Jnr) 1st
1995 Brad Bevan   2nd Jackie Gallagher  2nd
  Chris Hill (Jnr)  1st Belinda Cheney (Jnr)  3rd
  Craig Walton (Jnr)  2nd    
1996 Trent Chapman (Jnr)  3rd Jackie Gallagher  1st
      Emma Carney  2nd
      Joanne King (Jnr)  1st
1997 Chris McCormack  1st Emma Carney  1st
      Jackie Gallagher  2nd
      Michellie Jones  3rd
      Nicole Hackett (Jnr)  1st
      Beth Thomson (Jnr)  2nd
      Melanie Mitchell (Jnr)  3rd
1998  Miles Stewart  3rd Joanne King  1st
  Bryce Quirk (Jnr)  2nd Michellie Jones 2nd
  Levi Maxwell (Jnr)  3rd Nicole Hackett (Jnr)  1st
      Rebeka Keat (Jnr)  2nd
1999 Miles Stewart  3rd Loretta Harrop  1st
  Courtney Atkinson (Jnr) 1st Jackie Gallagher  2nd
      Emma Carney  3rd
      Josie Loane  3rd
2000 Peter Robertson  2nd Nicole Hackett  1st
  Craig Walton  3rd Michellie Jones  2nd
      Melanie Mitchell (Jnr) 2nd
2001 Peter Robertson  1st Michellie Jones  2nd
  Chris Hill  2nd    
  Luke McKenzie (Jnr)  3rd    
2002 Peter Robertson  2nd  Mirinda Carfrae (U23) 2nd
  Brad Kahlefeldt (U23)  1st    
2003 Peter Robertson  1st Emma Snowsill  1st
  Nick Hornman (U23)  2nd Michellie Jones  3rd
      Nikki Egyed (U23)  1st
      Mirinda Carfrae (U23)   2nd
      Felicity Abram (Jnr)  1st
      Maxine Seear (Jnr) 2nd
2004     Loretta Harrop  2nd
      Annabel Luxford (U23)  1st
2005 Peter Robertson  1st Emma Snowsill  1st
  Brad Kahlefeldt  3rd Annabel Luxford  2nd
      Melanie Sexton (Jnr) 3rd
2006 Nathan Campbell (U23)   2nd Emma Snowsill  1st
  Daniel Wilson (U23)  3rd Felicity Abram  3rd
      Erin Densham (U23)  1st
      Emma Moffatt (U23) 2nd
2007 Brad Kahlefeldt  3rd Emma Snowsill  2nd
  Brendan Sexton (U23)  2nd Ashleigh Gentle (Jnr) 2nd
2008     Ashleigh Gentle (Jnr)  2nd
2009 James Seear (U23) 2nd Emma Moffatt 1st
      Emma Moffatt 1st*
    Emma Jackson (Jnr) 2nd
 2010 Brad Kahlefeldt 3rd Emma Moffatt 1st
      Emma Snowsill 1st*
      Emma Moffatt  2nd*
Emma Jackson (U23) 1st
  Ashleigh Gentle (Jnr) 1st
2011     Ashlee Bailie (Jnr) 2nd
2012 Aaron Royle (U23)  1st    
2013 Declan Wilson (U23)  3rd Emma Moffatt  3rd*
  Charlotte McShane (U23) 1st
2014 Jacob Birtwhistle (Jnr)  2nd Gillian Backhouse (U23) 2nd
  Calvin Quirk (Jnr) 3rd    
 2015 Jacob Birtwhistle (U23) 1st     
 2016     Charlotte McShane 3rd*
 2017 Matthew Hauser (Jnr) 1st  Ashleigh Gentle 2nd
  Luke Willian (U23) 3rd     
 2018 Jacob Birtwhistle 3rd Ashleigh Gentle 1st*
 2019 Lorcan Redmond (Jnr) 2nd   
 2021 Matthew Hauser (U23) 3rd     


In 2009, the World Championships became a series of eight races rather than a stand alone event.
* indicates result was at the ITU WTS Grand Final/WT Championship Final (Benchmark Event).



The inaugural Paratriathlon World Championships event took place in Edmonton, 2014. In 2014 a full calendar of ITU World Paratriathlon Events for elite athletes was introduced, and culminated in the first ever ITU Elite Paratriathlon World Championships.

  Name Place  Name Place 
2014, Edmonton
  Sally Pillbeam (PT3) 1st 
2015, Chicago Bill Chaffey (PT1) 1st  Sally Pillbeam (PT3) 1st
  Justin Godfrey (PT3) 3rd  Katie Kelly (PT5)
with guide Michellie Jones
Emily Tapp (PT1) 2nd

    Kerryn Harvey (PT3) 2nd
      Kate Doughty (PT4) 3rd 
2016, Rotterdam
  Sally Pillbeam (PT3) 2nd 
      Kerryn Harvey (PT3) 3rd 
2017, Rotterdam Justin Godfrey (PTS3) 2nd Katie Kelly (PTVI)
with guide Michellie Jones
      Emily Tapp (PTWC) 1st
      Sally Pillbeam (PTS4) 2nd
2018, Gold Coast     Emily Tapp (PTWC) 1st 
      Sally Pillbeam (PTS4) 2nd 
      Lauren Parker (PTWC) 3rd 
      Katie Kelly (PTVI)
with guide Holly Grice
2019, Lausanne     Lauren Parker (PTWC) 1st 
2020, did not occur        
2021, Abu Dhabi     Lauren Parker (PTWC)  1st

With the 2016 ITU Grand Final being scheduled around the same time as the Paralympic Games, the ITU shifted the Paratriathlon event to July, and staged it as a test event for the 2017 Grand Final.


ITU Mixed Relay World Championships 
  MEN WOMEN Place 
2017  Jake Birtwhistle Ashleigh Gentle  1st
   Matthew Hauser  Charlotte McShane  
2018 Jake Birtwhistle Ashleigh Gentle  2nd

Aaron Royle Natalie Van Coevorden  
2019 Jake Birthwhistle Emma Jeffcoat 3rd
   Aaron Royle Natalie Van Coevorden  


australians at itu duathlon, aquathlon, long distance, Cross TRiathlon world championships

Duathlon World Championships
   MEN Place  WOMEN Place 
1992   Jenny Alcorn 1st
1993 Greg Welch 1st    
Andrew Noble
Lee Mounster (Jnr) 
Jackie Gallagher  3rd
Andrew Noble
Tim Bentley 
Jackie Gallagher
Jonathan Hall
Michelle Dillon
Rebekah Keat (Jnr)
1998 Andrew Noble  3rd    
1999     Jackie Gallagher
Emma Carney 
2003 Jonathan Hall  2nd    
2006 Leon Griffen  1st Sarah Roy (U23)  3rd
 2010     Felicity Sheedy-Ryan 3rd 
2012     Felicity Sheedy-Ryan  1st
2014 Jacob Birtwhistle (Jnr) 1st Gillian Backhouse (U23) 1st
2015  Luke Willian (Jnr)  2nd      
2016     Annelise Jeffries (U23) 1st
2017     Felicity Sheedy-Ryan 1st 

Aquathlon World Championships 
  MEN Place  WOMEN Place 
1998 Craig Alexander


Rina Hill
Nicole Hackett
Melanie Mitchell 
1999  Levi Maxwell
Rina Hill
Nicole Hackett 
2000 Brad Kahlefeldt  2nd Pip Taylor  3rd
2009 Adam Carlton  1st  Ellie Salthouse (Jnr)  1st 
  3rd Maxine Seear  2nd
 2016     Elle Leahy (Jnr)  1st
 2017     Penny Slater (U23) 3rd 
 2018  Nathan Breen (U23) 1st    
   Nathan Breen  2nd     
   Brady Goodyear (U23) 2nd     
   John Domandl (Paratri) 2nd    
   Rahul Jegatheva (Jnr) 3rd    


Long Distance World Championships 
  MEN Place  WOMEN Place 
1996 Greg Welch  1st    
1998     Rina Hill  1st
1999     Joanne King  2nd
2005     Mirinda Carfrae  2nd
2006 Craig Alexander  2nd    
2009     Rebehak Keat  2nd
2011 Joe Gambles  2nd    
2012 Chris McCormack  1st    
2013     Melissa Hauschildt  1st
2017  Joshua Amberger  2nd  Sarah Crowley  1st
   Joe Gambles  3rd    
2018  John Domandl (Paratri)  2nd  Annabel Luxford  3rd


Cross Triathlon World Championships 
  MEN Place  WOMEN Place 
2016  Justin Godfrey (Paratri) 1st Laura May (Jnr) 1st

Max Neumann (U23) 2nd Georgia Silvestri (Jnr) 3rd 
   Dean Cane (Jnr) 2nd    
2017 Alec Davidson (Jnr) 1st  Penny Slater (U23) 1st
2018 Justin Godfrey (Paratri) 1st Penny Slater (U23) 1st 
2019     Zoe Davidson (Jnr) 2nd



australians at Ironman and 70.3 world championships


Ironman World Championships 
  MEN Place  WOMEN Place 
1987 Greg Stewart 3rd     
1989 Greg Welch  3rd    
1991 Greg Welch 2nd     
1994  Greg Welch 1st    
1996 Greg Welch 3rd     
2004     Kate Major 3rd
2005     Michellie Jones 2nd
      Kate Major 3rd
2006 Chris McCormack 2nd Michellie Jones 1st
2007  Chris McCormack 1st Kate Major 3rd
  Craig Alexander 2nd    
2008 Craig Alexander 1st     
2009 Craig Alexander 1st  Mirinda Carfrae 2nd
2010  Chris McCormack 1st Mirinda Carfrae 1st
2011 Craig Alexander 1st Mirinda Carfrae 2nd
  Pete Jacobs 2nd    
2012 Pete Jacobs 1st Mirinda Carfrae 3rd
2013  Luke McKenzie 2nd Mirinda Carfrae 1st
2014     Mirinda Carfrae 1st
2016     Mirinda Carfrae 2nd
2017      Sarah Crowley 3rd
2019     Sarah Crowley 3rd



Ironman 70.3 World Championships 
  MEN Place  WOMEN Place 
2006 Craig Alexander 1st Mirinda Carfrae 3rd
  Richie Cunningham 3rd  
2007     Mirinda Carfrae 1st
2008 Richie Cunningham 3rd
2011 Craig Alexander 1st Melissa Rollison 1st
2012 Craig Alexander 2nd    
2013      Melissa Hauschildt 1st 
      Annabel Luxford 3rd
2016 Timothy Reed 1st Melissa Hauschildt 2nd
2019 Sarah Crowley 3rd
2021     Lauren Parker (Para) 1st